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MicrobeMeter is cool ! 


An innovative wireless photometer, with a multi-student design for measuring cell culture growth dynamics with wireless data capture for analysis and modelling.

MicrobeMeters are high-resolution fully automated photometers for measuring cell culture growth continuously in real-time.


Data is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth to your computer providing analysis-ready data quickly. No USB sticks !

Full automation and real-time data collection supporting remote teaching and internet enabled education technologies straight out of the laboratory.


Edtech enabled. Connect up to 3 MicrobeMeters per computer for 12 measurement port samples.

Students collect publication ready, high-resolution growth data from cell cultures. MicrobeMeters are suitable for anaerobes, aerobes or thermophiles.

Ideal for studying key curriculum subjects such as population growth, antibiotic resistance, cell division, growth rates, quantitative measurement and data interpretation.


Enables STEM integration via high-resolution data analysis, modelling and parameter fitting. The technology enriches learning by understanding experimental principles of comparability, reproducibility and repeatability.

For under-graduate laboratory practicals and Masters and Doctoral students in life sciences, microbiology, biomedical and biological science programmes.

A fully immersive learning experience !

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An example of a simple student practical experiment.


In the graph below cultures of Escherichia Coli are treated with different doses of the antibiotic ampicillin, revealing the effects on growth and adaptation to the antibiotic.


It demonstrates how bacteria can re-emerge as resistant strains, selected by the antibiotic.


Students can quantify growth and growth / death rates, understand antibiotic resistance and quantitative measurement and data interpretation.


It also clearly shows how important it is to complete a course of prescribed antibiotics by a doctor/physician.

Growth dynamics made easy. Real-time data directly to your computer

The only product for measuring continuous, automated thermo-philic growth data

Wireless OD600 photometers available as 3 variants from 25˚C to 85˚C

Fully automated, pro-grammable. Publication ready data

Ideal for research & education, including undergraduate & post graduates

MicrobeMeter in Education

Designed by research microbiologists for life science research and training.

We see a science future with integrated tools and data centric platforms that are connected, highly productive and optimise scientific discovery and make STEM learning exciting.

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We want to make technology relevant & helpful to our life science community. Only by making learning exciting can we inspire our next generation of scientists.

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Life sciences are data centric. We want to digitise & automate quantitative methods, improve research productivity & make experiments dynamic, comparable and repeatable with high resolution data.

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We believe integrated tools & data centric platforms, that are connected & highly productive can optimise scientific discovery & can make STEM learning exciting for our next generation of scientists!