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for mesophiles from 25˚C to 40˚C max

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For anaerobes and aerobes. Fast and slow growing cultures.

MICROBEMETER HighTemperature

for thermophiles from 75˚C to 85˚C max

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For thermophiles between 75˚C and 85˚C max. Anaerobes and aerobes.


for both Mesophiles & Thermophiles from 25˚C to 85˚C max

MicrobeMeter HighT Temp v2_edited.png

For culturing thermophiles, anae-robes and aerobes from 25˚C up to 85˚C

Example Growth Curves

Effect of antibiotics

Antimicrobial growth curve.jpg

Strict Anaerobes

D. vulgaris and M. barkeri.jpg
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"I have found the MicrobeMeter really useful to compile smooth bacterial growth curves and provide enough culture volume to check the metabolic profile of my cultures in different media. The MicrobeMeter lets me check the growth of my bacteria in real-time, which has been great for the minimal media-grown cultures, that can take anywhere between 8 and 50 hours to reach maximum turbidity."

Dr Eleanor Jameson

University of Warwick, UK