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Here we take a look at MicrobeMeter’s capability to continuously measure cell culture growth (turbidity) under aerobic and anaerobic conditions and compare data with a spectrophotometer.


Continuous cell growth measurement overcomes the need for manual sampling, interruption and reduces the risk of contamination and disruption of experimental conditions. Continuous cell growth measurement is better for optimal, accurate and representative growth data of the experimental conditions.

Continuous measurement requires automated data acquisition to capture high-resolution growth dynamics. MicrobeMeter is automated and programmable, allowing data capture intervals to be set from as frequently as every 6 seconds or longer.

The wireless capability of MicrobeMeter allows it to be placed in an incubator, on a clean bench or containment chamber without the need to run data wires or requiring USB data transfer. MicrobeMeter transfers the data wirelessly in real-time, directly from your incubator to your PC or Mac computer for analysis !

Since MicrobeMeter is a small foot-print device, it fits in your shaking incubator or containment chamber (see below). It is capable of 300 rpm max. orbital shaking in an incubator (see our products page for specs here). This means reliable, representative microbial growth data under predictable and repeatable conditions, without out-of-hours lab visits and no experimental disruption.

Data obtained from MicrobeMeter is publication ready OD600 data. Humane Technologies Ltd can also provide conversion files and examples for you to use. Software for your computer and operating manuals can be downloaded from our website for your PC or Mac here.


To test long-term growth dynamics measurements, we used MicrobeMeter with open or sealed Hungate tubes (Balch type tubes).

We collected high-resolution turbidity data under aerobic conditions for the facultative organism E. coli (Figure 1), and then under anaerobic conditions for the strictly anaerobic organisms D. vulgaris and M. barkeri (Figure 2).

Figure 1 - E.Coli under aerobic conditions. MicrobeMeter and Spectronic 200 data

For E. coli, we compared this high-resolution data with measurements of the same replicate cultures obtained from a bench-top spectrophotometer.

The measurements using the spectrophotometer and MicrobeMeter showed near perfect overlap for the E. coli data (Figure 1), confirming MicrobeMeter’s competitive capabilities against the spectrophotometer.

Figure 2 - MicrobeMeter data from D. vulgaris and M. barkeri under anaerobic conditions.

Measurement periods for these organisms were approximately 30.5 hours, 75 hours, and 458 hours, respectively, allowing us to collect unprecedented long-term growth data.

This demonstrates the reliability and competitive application of MicrobeMeter as a continuous turbidity measurement device under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions for the laboratory or for teaching and education purposes.


MicrobeMeter is:

  • Automated for high-resolution OD600 cell growth measurement (turbidity),

  • Programmable with data measurement intervals from 6 seconds or longer,

  • Wireless for un-interrupted data, directly from your incubator to your computer,

  • Capable of long-term, publication-ready data capture for many days or even weeks,

  • For anaerobes, aerobes and thermophiles up to 85˚C,

  • A small foot-print device,

  • Suitable for shaking incubators,

  • Capable of OD600 measurements, better or comparable to spectrophotometers, and

  • For the laboratory or for teaching and education.

Software for your PC or Mac is also provided here.

All MicrobeMeters can support aerobic and anaerobic experiments for many days or even weeks. Our device range covers mesophiles and thermophiles up to 85˚C !

Please take a look at our products page or download a brochure.

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