Who We Are

Humane Technologies Limited was born at a University Life Science department in 2018. The challenge was to collect microbial growth data continuously in anaerobic conditions and measuring growth automatically, even when we were out of the laboratory. We wanted to quantify growth and obtain real-time data that we could correlate with changing conditions. We found that measuring growth of anaerobes was challenging so we developed a solution, which we called MicrobeMeter.


3 years later and MicrobeMeter has grown in strength, now in its second version with new chassis and software. The family is growing too, we have 3 devices for measuring the growth of mesophiles and thermophiles at up to 85˚C. Now that’s cool!


Humane Technologies Limited designs, develops and sells innovative and experiment-specific measurement devices, along with associated data collection platforms, for commercial, biotechnology and life sciences research and education. By developing devices using innovative manufacturing methods and IoT and other communication technologies, we make experimentation and data collection easier and more reproducible.


We want to educate our next generation of scientists with inspiring and exciting learning tools. Our technologies enable novel, quantitative training programs for education making STEM learning exciting.


Our customers include commercial organisations, researchers in academia and industry, teachers and students in higher and primary education institutions from around the world.

Image by Yassine Khalfalli

Our Mission

Designed by research microbiologists for life science research and training.

We see a science future with integrated tools and data centric platforms that are connected, highly productive and optimise scientific discovery and make STEM learning exciting.

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Transforming research and training in life sciences and biotechnology

For Researchers.
By Microbiologists

We designed our photometers to solve laboratory research challenges. We want to make technology relevant & helpful to our life science community. Only by collecting data can we understand microbial diversity & exploit them for biotechnological applications.

Life Science

Life sciences are data centric. We want to digitise & automate quantitative methods, improve research productivity & make experiments dynamic, comparable and repeatable with high resolution data.

Science Exciting

We believe integrated tools & data centric platforms, that are connected & highly productive can optimise scientific discovery & can make STEM learning exciting for our next generation of scientists !