Photometers for automated microbial growth measurement. 

  • Automated continuous cell growth data wirelessly.

  • For anaerobes, aerobes and thermophiles.

  • The only photometer for automated, continuous microbial growth measurement at up to 85˚C.

  • Used by the world's most respected life science researchers, Universities and educators.

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Growth dynamics made easy. Real-time data directly to your computer from your incubator.
The only product for measuring continuous, automated thermo-philic growth data.
Wireless OD600 photometers available as 3 variants operating from 25˚C to 85˚C.
Fully automated & programmable. Connect up to 3 MicrobeMeters per computer simultaneously (12 samples).
Ideal for research & education, including for undergraduate teaching & post graduate research. Publication ready data.

MicrobeMeter - Automated photometers

An automated OD600 photometer for measuring microbial cell growth, for anaerobes, aerobes and thermophiles.

Improved productivity: High-resolution real-time data directly to your computer wirelessly from your incubator, continuously for many days.


Continuous turbidity data: No out-of-hours lab visits, lower risk of contamination, no interruption of your experimental conditions. Sensitive at low OD.

Programmable: Programmable data capture intervals for both fast and very slow cell cultures. Software included.

Publication-Ready Data: Enables accurate analysis and modelling of microbial cell growth dynamics with publication-ready data.

Very wide automated experimental capabilities: up to 85˚C for anaerobes, aerobes and thermophiles.

Reproducible results and comparable between MicrobeMeter devices.

Advantages over some Spectrophotometers: MicrobeMeter has 3 key advantages over spectrophotometers:

1. MicrobeMeter has lower variability compared to some spectrophotometers,

2. as accurate and with less variability as some, and

3. is less sensitive to difference in scattering by different cell types.

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Why use MicrobeMeter to measure cell growth?

Dedicated Four OD600 Measurement Ports. Small footprint

Each MicrobeMeter has 4 separate measurement ports and you can connect up to 3 MicrobeMeters to a single computer for 12 samples (requires USB Bluetooth 4.0 CSR dongle).

Simple experiment design, ports can be used with replicate samples of cell cultures, and one port for a blank (i.e. non-inoculated media).

Very wide experimental capabilities. For Aerobes, Anaerobes or Thermophiles

Very wide experimental range, for aerobic or anaerobic cell growth dynamics and for thermophilic growth at up to 85˚C.

Non-invasive and non-disruptive measurement. For anaerobes MicrobeMeters use standard 18mm Hungate / Balch type tubes.

Our products cover a wide temperature range from 25˚C through to 85˚C.

Experimental and Environmental
Automated microbial growth data wirelessly to your computer, for many days.

Publication-ready data to your computer (Windows or Mac) in real-time at programmable intervals as low as every 6 seconds. Non-invasive and non-disruptive measurement.

Automated continuous data capture for many days, even when you’re out of the lab!

MicrobeMeter has a low footprint, that allows it to be used in controlled environments such as shaking incubators or containment chambers. It can even be used on the field. Current design of MicrobeMeter requires it to be placed in a shaking incubator for best performance.

Teaching & Education

For teaching key curriculum subjects such as population growth, antibiotic resistance, cell division, growth rates, quantitative measurement and data interpretation.

Fully immersive  STEM learning experience for students.

Designed and used for many experiments such as synthetic biology, bioinformatics, microbial physiology, antibiotic resistance, growth dynamics, phage responses, exponential phase and death curve analysis, quantitative measurement and data interpretation and much more. Reproducible, comparable and repeatable results.

MicrobeMeter is used in ...