Continuous microbial growth data made easy. 

Automated continuous cell growth data wirelessly. For anaerobes, aerobes and thermophiles. Used worldwide by life science researchers and educators.

Growth dynamics made easy. Real-time data directly to your computer

The only product for measuring continuous, automated thermo-philic growth data.

Wireless OD600 photometers available as 3 variants from 25˚C to 85˚C

Fully automated & programmable. Publication ready data

Ideal for research & education, including undergraduate & post graduates

What is MicrobeMeter?

MicrobeMeter is an innovative wireless automated OD600 photometer for measuring microbial growth. High-resolution real-time data directly from your incubator to your computer. With programmable data capture intervals for both fast and very slow cultures. Enables accurate analysis and modelling of microbial growth dynamics with publication ready data.


Why Choose MicrobeMeter

4 Measurement

MicrobeMeter has four measurement ports. This allows a simple experiment design, where three ports can be used with replicate samples of the same cell culture, and one port for a blank (i.e. non-inoculated media).

Fully automated
wireless data

Publication-ready data to your computer (Windows or Mac) in real-time at programmable intervals as low as every 6 seconds. Automated continuous data capture for many days, even when you’re out of the lab!

& Education

For teaching key curriculum subjects such as population growth, antibiotic resistance, cell division, growth rates, quantitative measurement and data interpretation. Full STEM learning experience for students.

Aerobic, Anaerobic or Thermophilic

For measuring aerobic or anaerobic cell growth dynamics. Also for growing thermophiles at up to 85˚C. For anaerobes MicrobeMeters use standard 18mm Hungate / Balch type tubes


MicrobeMeter has a low footprint, that allows it to be used in controlled environments such as shaking incubators or containment chambers. It can even be used on the field. Current design of MicrobeMeter requires it to be placed in a shaking incubator for best performance.


Designed and used for many experiments such as synthetic biology, bioinformatics, microbial physiology, antibiotic resistance, growth dynamics, phage responses, exponential phase and death curve analysis, quantitative measurement and data interpretation and much more. Reproducible, comparable and repeatable results.

MicrobeMeter is suitable for...



Can sticky and clumping microorganisms like mycobacteria be cultured in MicrobeMeter?

We have some customers that have successfully cultured sticky and clumping microorganisms like mycobacteria in MicrobeMeter. It is best to use MicrobeMeter at a slight angle of inclination in your shaker. Please note that MicrobeMeter is capable of a maximum shaking speed of 300rpm at 26mm orbital amplitude. Using micro magnetic stirrers will most likely interfere with the light path for reading turbidity so please avoid this technique.

How can I culture very slow growing anaerobes?

Very slow growing anaerobes can be cultured in MicrobeMeter for many weeks at a time. The wall powered version is best for un-interrupted usage and long-term cultures. MicrobeMeter uses 18mm Hungate tubes that can be sealed for obligate anaerobes. We have grown strict anaerobes for 21 days at a time successfully.

Can I culture aerobes and ensure sufficient aeration using MicrobeMeter?

Yes, aerobes can be cultured. To ensure maximum aeration we suggest using MicrobeMeter at a maximum shaking speed of 300rpm (at 26mm orbital amplitude) and consider setting the device at a slight inclination to maximise aeration.

Can I prepare different curves on the same graph?

Yes by plotting your data on a spreadsheet you can select the required data to plot a multi-curve plot on the same graph.

If I need to culture very fast growing yeasts for example, how often can data be captured?

MicrobeMeter is capable of capturing turbidity data for fast growing microorganisms such as yeasts. Using the data acquisitions MicrobeMeter can be programmed to capture data every 6 seconds ! MicrobeMeter is capable of fully programmable automated measurements.

How do I know more about the specific turbidity and photodiode readings for my particular device?

Your MicrobeMeter was delivered with a factory test results sheet that is specific to the serial number of your device. Please consult your factory test results sheet that was delivered with your device. The factory test measures the linearity, range and port-to-port variability of your MicrobeMeter and is specific to the serial number of the device.